Daniel James Walters

On April 26th, 2010 our sweet brother Daniel went to be with the Lord at the early age of 22. - He and his childhood friend Ryan were tragically taken in a motorcycle accident. - His love for the Lord and others was very evident in his life. He would've given you (and probably did) the shirt off his back and didn't hesitate to come help if you were stranded no matter how far the drive. - We are grateful for his recent smiles, the change in his countenance and his desire to draw closer to the Lord. We will miss him SO much, but know that he is waiting for us in heaven. - LIFE IS SHORT....are you LIVING FOR CHRIST?

It has been such an overwhelming comfort to our family to hear all the little stories of ways that Daniel has touched peoples' lives--both recently and in the past. If you'd like to share a special memory, a funny story, a witty remark that stuck with you, or anything or anyway that Daniel has touched your life...it would mean SO much to our family.


  1. last week daniel texted me "Happy Birthday"...i thanked him for the early gesture, but informed him that it was liz's birthday, not mine (mine is 3 days later).

    he texted back:
    "whoops! sorry, lol"

    funny thing is, he has never texted me on my birthday before (that i can remember), so even though he got the day wrong this will always be SO special to me.


  2. There were many things about Daniel that I really appreciated and loved...he had such a pureness of heart and desired truth...I loved the way his eyes would light up when he sat at my counter in my kitchen and would talk to me about a car he was working on..his smile would shine and I can still see his dimples, as he would answer the questions I would ask about his VW or other vehicle he was working on...his passion for mechanical things was evident in his face....another time that really stands out in my mind was one time when CCVB and CCBrandon youth groups were at a camp and our church van got stuck in the mud...Daniel did not hesitate for one minute (or Joel) to take off their nice jackets and begin to dig out the van from where it was stuck, I was so blessed...he was a generous and kind soul and we loved him dearly and will ALWAYS remember him...thank you for giving me the opportunity to write these words...much love and constant prayer to all of you....love, gail

  3. There isn't enough space to say all the wonderful things that encompass Daniel Walters, but one thing comes to the front of my mind. Daniel was ALWAYS drawing in my class! (I think he secretly hated English lol) At any rate, I collected a large stack of drawings from him over the years but held on to them mainly because he was so talented and I just couldn't part with them. Eventually, I had them laminated, added monthly dates, and turned them into a calendar and hung them in the classroom for the rest of the year. About six months ago, Robert and I saw Daniel at Ashley's Homecoming at Providence and we all talked with him and laughed about my "collection" of artwork. I went home and dug them out and relived all those wonderful memories. He had an infectious personality and that dimpled smile made you want to laugh right along with him. Daniel touched many lives and I have a hunch that he isn't finished yet! Love you, Daniel!!...And Walters Family, if I know Daniel, just think of the sketches he is drawing up now! I love you, Walters Family!

  4. I remember seeing him baptized at one of the youth camps in California...it was a truly blessed time.

  5. I remember when we went to Brazil in 2006 and he never took that hat off (the one in the pictures, which by the way were taken in Brazil). So one day the boys were playing soccer, and he was standing there on the field, very still when suddenly the ball came to him and he slowly took off his hat and hit the ball with his head...And went right back to the same position. Classic! So sweet!:)

  6. Anonymous12:54 PM

    My favorite Daniel story goes back to when he was 2 and Elizabeth was babysitting. He was misbehaving so made him go to his room. 5 minutes later, he walks out very angry with Elizabeth and a wire hanger in his little hand lifted way up high over his head. Luckily, they made up before Elizabeth got smacked with that hanger! Kirsten

  7. Anonymous1:20 PM

    We met Daniel about 5 months ago, and we knew from that start that he was something special. We would always feel so honored if he made a joke about one of us or told us about the work he was doing on his car or house or just whatever it was at the time.

    But my favorite memories of him would be the last 3 weeks... I could just see happiness in his eyes, and i knew that he was having a good time whenever we would see him.
    We Love You, Daniel

  8. Joanna3:40 PM

    When I first met him on a missions trip to Honduras we all bonded over playing card games, drinking orange fanta, and making up stories together. We had a tally going for how many games of speed we played, and it was over 220! That was so much fun...
    A year after that summer when we met, we both went to a camp in California and he rededicated his life to the Lord and I gave my life to Jesus for the first time and we were both baptized. The months following, his life was turned around and there was such a dramatic difference in him. In those first times of walking with the Lord he really challenged me to get rid of anything that wasn't helping me know Christ more, anything that was a hinderence he wanted to just throw away, and that influenced me to do the same...I'm looking forward to seeing him again in heaven with our Savior.
    Then there were the random times with him where he would make us sit in that old cadillac he had and listen to music because he had bass so loud he said it would "rattle your brain" and I would always make fun of him for driving like an old man...but he was the one who drove all the way to my house just to fix my car's battery for me. Even before I had a car he always gave me free rides because I was the young one without a driver's license.
    There was one time where he brought a picture to youth group and it was this bomb going off in his backyard and it had a HUGE mushroom cloud and then you see his figure in the background of the picture running away, we were all laughing so hard!
    Back in the day Daniel would always be wearing a fedora hat, even before they were cool, and then other people started to wear them too and he would just whisper "They stole that from me..." even when it was a random guy in the mall or something, they all got it from Daniel. haha
    When we went to see him in a basketball game at his high school, the teams were "the Eagles versus the Eagles" and he said "I tried to get them to pick another mascot, like the Lions or something,because all christian schools are the Eagles...but they picked the Eagles anyway." and we were all like "Well we can cheer for both teams by saying GO EAGLES!"
    Daniel was such a good friend to both my brother and me, always willing to go out of his way for you, even when he didn't have to. He made a huge impact on me, he was one of the people who I would go to youth group to hang out with, one of the people I saw Jesus really change firsthand when I was brand new in Christ. He's been in my life since I was 13, it's crazy to think he's gone...these past few days have been surreal, but it's comforting to know he's with the Lord.

  9. My favorite Daniel memories were the times on the lake with the youth group. He was always such a gentleman with the most precious smile. I loved his quiet, tender spirit which had such a beautiful strength about it.

  10. Daniel was not the sort of person you could easily forget. Something about his look and his demeanor was so unique. Although I didn't know him well, I remember him being well-mannered and respectful. Humble and reserved (at least around me), yet with a light in his eye, he really sparked my curiosity. "What are you passionate about?" I thought to myself. I could tell he was tapping into a deep source. I know he will be missed my many.

  11. Daniel Walters was a very special young man who was dearly loved and respected by so many, many people. Daniel was a quiet and gentle giver who gave of his time and his immense talents to everyone. If Daniel crossed your path, you were blessed. He loved his family and he loved his friends, young and old, and he loved God with all his heart.
    Daniel was a hard worker who finished what he started, never complained, and never wanted recognition or praise for his many talents. Daniel hated pride. Even with his quiet ways his testimony for God was loud and clear….He wanted to do right and he wanted those around him to do right.
    Daniel was serious natured but fun loving. He loved old movies and old cars and we were blessed that he loved his older "people" too. Daniel never said “I can’t do that” he just dug in, attempted any challenge and accomplished most everything he tried. He had an amazing God given talent to see how things could be accomplished and the abilities to accomplish them. We were constantly amazed and blessed. We loved Daniel dearly and will miss him every day.
    George and Nancy Corbett

  12. A few months ago, after a group of us went out to eat on a Sunday afternoon, I rode over to the Corbetts' with Sam and Daniel because Daniel wanted to show me the old car that George had bought and everything they had done to it. We all rode in the blue truck which Daniel had been working on, and was excited about getting it running so much better. He mentioned that it sounded like a Mustang, and I told him it would be funny if he had a Mustang emblem to put on the front. When I got to church that night he met me at the door excited, and told me I had to see something. He took me to the truck and there was a Mustang emblem attached to the grill. He had found one in his building that afternoon.
    The other morning he called me early to tell me all about the crazy weather they had that night. He said the neighborhood was a wreck, but he wanted to let me know that he had driven down to my house and checked on it for me, and that everything was ok there.
    I was always amazed when he would play any type of percussion, whether the drum set or the cajon at church, because he was extremely talented. He was such a humble and kind friend that will be missed more than can be expressed.

  13. Daniel was always so quiet, but had such a sweet caring heart. So incredibly talented percussionist and when it came to working on cars. I know he is in a much better place and rejoicing with our King. It is hard and sad for those he left behind but not for him, he has no more sorrows no more pain.

  14. Erica Chavez9:51 AM

    When i met Daniel last summer,I told myself that he was going to make someone really happy one day. Little did I know, he was going to enter my life and not only make me happy but showed me a determined young man that knew what he wanted in life. I knew from the start that Daniel was one of a kind. He has always been and always will be "My Angel". God only gave us a short time together but all I know is that it was worth every second. Not all my family members were able to meet Daniel but from what they heard,Daniel was approved!:) I just want the Walters family to know that I'll always be here for you. I love you guys so much and I thank you for Daniel! I'll be praying for all of you.Words can never be enough to tell you how much I care for him.

  15. Blake Wallace9:52 AM

    o the days of high school when daniel had his black caddy with the loud pipes and the bass cranked up to the max! ah thoses were the days. and after church or youth group id ask if he would give me a ride home.. so i could hear the loud pipes and listen to that bass..:) good times! well the last memorie i have of daniel and i with austin cline and jon miranda. on friday april 16th and the mcds on fishawk rd in lithia! we had lunch had a good time. catching up on life. Rip Daniel

  16. Buddy6:03 PM

    Although I didn't get to see Daniel often, I never missed an opportunity to talk to him when he was around. Joel's wedding was the last time we had a visit. I knew I would have to approach him and initiate the conversation, because that was Daniel, but it was always worth it.
    We had a quality "Guy" chat about machines, buildings, and tools. He was in his element, and I think at least for the time, he forgot about his uncomfortable tux.
    I always enjoyed making Daniel smile. His was a slow, thoughtful smile, like he was elaborating in his mind on the nonsense I was dishing out. It was like I had to warm him up before the smirks would come, quick and wide.
    I always enjoyed having Daniel around and will remember him fondly. I know he is at home and resting with his Heavenly Father....no more tears...

  17. Carolynn Walters11:29 AM

    It has been three weeks ago today that Daniel died. I cannot express how much I miss him. I only wish I would have told him how much I loved and appreciated him more often. He was such a happy, obedient, young boy. Always enjoying life and adventure. He never went through the "bored teenager" stage when we would go on family vacations. He was so helpful and dependable. A couple months ago I had a flat tire in the middle of the day and he was the only one I could get a hold of to come and help me. I don't know what I'll do without him. Thank you Lord for giving him to us!

  18. Elizabeth Washington5:03 AM

    I have not been able to write here until now....not sure why.

    It dawned on me that this may be the place to share sweet thoughts, memories and even things that make me sad. They seem to come upon me at random times, when I am not expecting them. Knowing when and who to say those things to now is tricky. I don't want to make any one else sad, but I realize that if you are looking at this blog, you are able to read/hear things about Daniel at this particular moment.

    I spend nearly all day long staring at this computer screen for work, but now I can't seem to see through my tears. I don't understand.

    Daniel was very sweet.

    Try as I might to remember, there is not one time that I ever fought, argued, or was irritated with him in his entire life. (I have racked my brain and it is true!)

    This is an amazing thing for an older sister to say of a little brother when we were homeschooled and spent so much time together. Not to mention the countless cross-country car rides squeezed in the back of a station wagon or mini-van. I can instantly recall fights, arguments, or irritating moments with Nathan, Joel and Sam......(sorry, guys) but not Daniel.

    He is sweet....always.

    More than any of my brothers he caused me pain and drove me to my knees like I had never prayed before. God is good. I thank Him for His patience and grace, and for giving Daniel peace and joy now.

    Two nights ago we played Apples to Apples. Daniel introduced that game to our family and he loved it. He told us about it one time when we were all up in Tennessee and then he went and bought it for us to play. Knowing how to play to the judge is the strategy in that game. When Daniel was the judge, you knew to play it straight and not try to be funny. Daniel never picked the card you thought was funny. :) No one will ever be as funny as he was. Who will make us laugh now?

    I think I need to stop writing now. This is kind of hard. Perhaps more later. I love my brother. God is good. I hate this though.

    Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

    "Though sorrows befall us and Satan oppose, God leads His dear children along."

  19. Elizabeth Washington5:11 AM

    October 26, 2010

    "Oh Danny Boy"


    My dad used to sing this song to Daniel when he was little. ♥

    Oh---it's gonna be a tough day today. :'(

    My brother died 6 months ago. Time does not take away the sting, but praise the Lord for Heaven! ♥

    "And he arose, and came to his father." (Luke 15:20)

    Are you ready to meet your Maker?

  20. So sorry for the hurt & loss your family continues to experience. You will be in my prayers this week.

  21. Chris and I think of your family often. You are definitely in our prayers and hearts.

  22. Maddox9:42 AM

    I only really knew Daniel through my son, Alex. Alex really liked Daniel. He said, "Daniel is one of a few guys who seem to really understand me." I know that Daniel pointed Alex to the Lord during many of their conversations and for that I am truly grateful and thankful.
    I just wanted you all to know that I still think of you quite often and miss seeing the beautiful Walters family...still praying for you, too. Love, The Maddox's

  23. Lauren9:53 AM

    I, myself, never had many conversations with Daniel. Although, I think there are many people who, like me, considered Daniel a dear friend even though they never had many one-on-one conversations with him.
    Regardless of the fact that Daniel was often very quiet, it was plain to see the sweet, quirky, funny, mischievous, and altogether nice guy that he was. Everyone knows that Daniel could fix just about anything. It just came natural to him. I'm sure there are many people who will need a new mechanic now that he is with the Lord. And I know there are people who will miss his unique and subtle sense of humor.
    Even though Daniel was not someone I saw or spoke with very much, he is someone i miss and think about often. We are so blessed that we can take comfort in the fact that we will see him again.
    I continue to pray for the Walters family.
    Love, Lauren Self

  24. We speak of and think about Daniel very often...I can't believe he has been gone for a year now...he will always be remembered to those who knew him and remembered fondly! Praying for you all, with much love.
    Gail, Buddy and Heather

  25. Carolyn, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Joel, Sam, Sarah, Nathan, and family....I know today marks tragedy in this life and yet as we follow Jesus, we know that Daniel is with Him and we have that hope and sweet expectation and longing to be with both of them. However, as we all have skin on, the aching in our hearts is there and I will be praying for all of you as you remember your precious brother and friend. May Jesus continue to be your Balm of Gilead and soothe your mind and hearts on this day and always. I love you all so very much. Debbie Mercuri

  26. Anonymous10:22 AM

    This is the first time I have met Daniel.As I sit here with tears and a runny nose from crying. My heart tells me how awesome it is that you KNOW with confidence that Daniel has gone home to be with our God.
    As a young girl I lost my husband.I like to think ,and that's just what it is, think that he was saved.The uncertainty is painful.
    Daniels life has given me more courage to live the way I should...For Christ.
    Thank you for sharing and letting me be apart of his beautiful life.

  27. When I first met Daniel six months ago, I knew that there something different about him, something special. He didn’t take nonsense from anyone. He could sniff a hypocrite a mile away. His smile was a reward. To be told one of his priceless, quiet quips meant that he accepted you as a friend. I knew that Daniel was special, and I knew that I wanted to be one of those privileged friends.

    We started hanging out with Daniel and his group a bit. Slowly, slowly Daniel would talk loud enough for me to hear. His car, his house, his yard sale finds, his work, his cousins, his music – they were the hobbies that gave his life its fuel while other boys lived off of video games and tv shows.

    I remember the first time he teased me. He told me that I wore high heels because I had confidence issues. He could see through anyone.

    We started hanging out a lot. Busch Gardens, Mc Donalds trips after church, movies, skating, etc. All were simply excuses to get together and laugh and talk with a group of people unlike any I’d ever met. These people were tight. They loved passionately. They couldn’t get enough of each other. I felt the privilege that it was to be around them every time we left one of our late-into-the-early-morning outings.

    Daniel always had the guys around him, hanging on his every word. His jokes were the funniest, his thoughts were the deepest, his talents, mainly musically and mechanically, were sought and admired. He was constantly being asked for expertise or help or an opinion. Those expertise, helps, and options were never taken lightly. People respected Daniel, for those rare words, for that quiet, deep mind.

    The night before he died, Daniel hung out with us and the rest of the group at McDonalds, as usual. He had finally warmed up to us, I noticed happily. We had won that "something special", the rare gift of Daniel's friendship.
    As we munched on our fries and sipped our iced teas, I observed Daniel. He smiled. He laughed. I smiled and laughed, just watching him.
    I remember consciously asking myself, sitting there listening to Daniel tell David B. jokes, when had Daniel changed, and why? Yes, he had changed towards me. We were now friends, Daniel and my family, a status I knew did not come lightly. That had changed, but there was more. A deeper calm had overshadowed the brooding cloud that often hovered in Daniel’s eyes. In the past, I would look at that cloud and wonder why. It was just another hint at the mysteries that played throughout the life that was Daniel Walters.
    But the cloud had changed, lightened, sometimes I didn’t see it at all. Six months. That was all I had known him. But I knew something had happened. Peace. Joy. Calm Contentment. They were the new “norms” that ornamented Daniel’s deep, handsome face. I knew Daniel had a new girlfriend. But I had seen the “relationship glow” before, many, many times. And there was something more here. Almost like Daniel had been wrestling with Jesus for a long, long time – and had finally let Him win.

    I didn’t hug Daniel goodbye that night. He got a phone call right when my turn in the rounds came up. I laughed, telling him that he got away “just this once” and that the next time, I would claim that hug. There was no next time. But that was alright. Daniel didn’t like giving hugs to us anyway. And I’m glad he got the last laugh.

    I will hug him when I see him again. I think Daniel likes hugs now.

    ~Trina T.

  28. Carolynn Walters, Daniel's mother1:00 PM

    I woke up this morning around 3:30 with a hymn on my mind. "It will be worth it all when we see Jesus. Life's trials will seem so small when we see Him. One glimpse of His dear face, all sorrows will erase, so bravely run the race, til we see Christ". That says it all. God is still good and I love Him more than ever! Come quickly Lord Jesus! 4/26/11

  29. I was just thinking the other day of a funny memory I had. I think I was 8 years old and my family and I had drove down from Michigan to stay with the Walters for vacation. While down there I wanted a Q-tip, but for some reason began to second guess myself about their use. I wondered, "Am I only one in the world who uses them to clean my ears?". I decided to go ask Daniel what he used Q-tips for. "Uh..to clean my ears", he said. Thank you, Daniel, for reassuring me that I am normal! Miss and Love you.

    -Amanda Beason-(cousin)

  30. You will never be forgotten.